Balteco Xonyx solid surface customized tabletop program with integrated basins off ers custommeasurement
tabletops with basins of various designs. Perfect seamless look of the fi nal product is achieved through quality bonding and thorough machining of the connected Xonyx parts. 
Tabletops with integrated basins are a highly value-adding solution for:

  • Countertops for furniture cabinets
  • Wall-mounted customized tabletops with basin(s) including skirting and other optionals for hotel- or residential bathrooms
  • Customized tabletops with multiple basins for public toilets

    Core benefi ts of Xonyx solid surface tabletops:
  • Hard scratch resisting durable surfaces
  • Satin surface fi nish – modern look with easy-to-clean properties
  • Seamless integration of tabletop, basins and skirts
  • Functional accessories (towel bar, tissue paper dispenser, etc)

Tabletops are available in two diff erent programs:
1. STANDARD program of single-casted monolithic tabletops with fi xed position integrated basin(s)
2. CUSTOM program of tabletops with various design integrated basin(s) (seamlessly undermounted)

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