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Our products

Xonyx™ solid surface bathtubs are handmade to honour the value of traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship and deliver exceptional quality. Aspiring for perfection, every bathtub is carefully hand-crafted by experienced masters with no detail being overlooked from casting to thorough final testing.

Dedication is the key to achieving perfection.

Nordic Inspiration

Our beautiful Nordic nature, the source of our inspiration. Clean, bright, and refreshing. The bathroom is a place where you can be yourself. We know what a perfect bathroom looks like and we know how to create one just for you. We are happy to offer you the opportunity to be your true self! Good and valuable design is in harmony with nature.


"Product designer is not an artist who creates in a blaze of creativity. Developing a new product in a manufacturing company is a deliberate activity. Once a year, we talk about our strategic plans. The most important thing for us is that people feel comfortable in the bathtub. We will not make any compromises in that! We check ergonomic measurements that ensure this."

Aivar Habukukk

head of design